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Agriculture has a wonderful future for the next 5 to 15 years

Jim Rogers on Remember, I told you to become a farmerI know how I told you to learn to drive a tractorFarming is still going to be a very good place to beAgriculture…if I were buying something today rice is probably something I would look atAgriculture has a wonderful future for the next 5, […]


Lula’s Brazilian revolution

In advance of Brazil’s Presidential elections tomorrow. There is no doubt that after 2 terms of President Lula, who built on the reforms of President Cardoso, Brazil is irrevocably a serious country on the international stage. He will be justifiably regarded by most of his fellow citizens as Brazil’s greatest president since that country’s independence […]

India’s Suzlon Plans to Export Wind Turbines to Brazil from China

Los molinos de viento ganan popularidad en la India Suzlon Energy Ltd. plans to open a research-and-development center in China and to make the first large export of turbines from its Chinese factory, its chairman said. Chaiman Mr. Tanti, speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, an annual meeting of business leaders, politicians […]

Latin America’s impressive little guys: Uruguay and Paraguay

beyondbrics | Talk about Latin America’s rising stars and the focus is often on Peru or Colombia. But don’t overlook the little countries: Paraguay and Uruguay are punching above their weight – and both have just been upgraded by rating agency Standard’s & Poor’s. That’s a tribute to their economic performance: Uruguay rode out […]

One Laptop Per Child- Plan Ceibal (Uruguay)

One Laptop Per Child- Plan Ceibal (Uruguay), posted with vodpod

Agriculture is one of the great places to be – Jim Rogers on Bloomberg UTV in India

Jim speaking at an event – “Investment strategies in an emerging financial lanscape”. Funny to see the Indian interviewer’s (probably an MBA!) WTF reaction to Jim’s comments on agriculture. In trying to sell the attractiveness of the farming business in South America to potential investors, I’ve found the going rough in India. People cannot imagine […]

India’s water shortage for agriculture

I visited Punjab and talked to some farmers there in Feb ’2010, and they told me within 10 years groundwater in most places will be below a 100 feet, and pumps will stop working. Within 20 years, they are looking at a desert like situation in India’s bread basket. via Fortune As the water table […]

Charter Cities: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ending Poverty

This is ‘governance outsourcing’ – benchmarking it to global best practices, and giving opportunity to thousands of citizens, and later millions, to improve their lives quickly – instead of leading miserable lives under local political leaders who are criminal and/or incompetent and local institutions that are dysfunctional. An experiment, if succceful, others will want to […]

Uruguay – a jewel of a country that should be considered by Indian investors

Uruguay is a country few outside Argentina and Brazil know about – each Dec-Feb rich Brazilians and Argentines flock to the fashionable resort of Punta del Este, the Riviera of Latin America. I am convinced it offers excellent opportunities for Indian investors in corporate farming and forestry – not to mention IT services and serving […]

US Financial Crisis

Prof. Nouriel Roubini of NYU is probably one of the first economists to have correctly called this financial crisis, as early as 2006. I saw him on Charlie Rose last night and when asked “Is there an end in sight?” he replied  “We are in the second or third inning (baseball metaphor) of a nine-inning […]