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India, Uruguay sign double tax avoidance treaty

 MSN India-   India and Uruguay on Sep 8, 2011 signed a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement that would help boost the flow of trade, investment and technology between the two countries. The agreement will provide tax stability to the residents of India and Uruguay and facilitate mutual economic cooperation as well as stimulate the flow […]


How Women Can Win the Talent Wars in Emerging Markets

 - CNBC Across the developing world, women are increasingly outperforming men in the tertiary education system: in Brazil, 60 percent of college graduates are female. Educated and ambitious, these women are determined to put their credentials to work. Over 80 percent of women in India aspire to top jobs; in Brazil the figure is over […]

Miners should look at protection measures as the resource nationalism tide

Mining Weekly Resource nationalism, which is seen as the number-one threat to the mining industry, is not only limited to Africa, with at least 25 countries globally raising the issue in some form, Melbourne-based law firm Gilbert Tobin said on Friday.Some of the countries said to be looking at options of nationalisition included China, India, […]

Birlas eye Latam assets of Cemex, Votorantim Cimentos

In Brazil, the two most important cement players are Camargo Correa Group with a 33% market share and Votorantim with a 30%. Both are strong and very unlikely to be outright sellers. As an example, they acquired a controlling interest in Cimpor (Portugal cement company) competing also with another brazilian group, steel company CSN. The […]

Post crisis, foreign banks become pariahs for Indians

Firstpost Here is a warning for foreign banks scaling down retail loan portfolios in developed markets and looking to tap new growth markets in Asia. As high as 81 percent of consumers in emerging Asian markets and 63 percent of consumers in developed Asian markets consider it important to deal with a local institution, says […]

India will require 345 mn tons of foodgrains by 2030, 2010-11 production 241 mn tons

MSN India-   India will need 345 million tonne of foodgrains, including 95-100 million tonne wheat, by 2030, Minister of State for Agriculture Harish Rawat said today.“India would require to produce about 95-100 million tonnes of wheat to reach the target of 345 million tonnes of foodgrains by 2030,” Rawat said in his inaugural speech […]

Rolling Water instead of Carrying it

World news | The Guardian It is an age-old image of rural India: a woman trudging a long distance with a huge pot of water precariously balanced on her head. And despite an ambitious nationwide effort to provide piped water to every rural household, it remains a common sight in most Indian villages. An American […]

Mexican company gears up for sports car market

- Sometime in September, the first Mastretta MXT, a Mexican-designed, high-performance sports car, will roll out of a factory here, 30 miles west of Mexico City. Owners are promised an exhilarating experience when they hammer the accelerator. The hand-built, rear-engine MXT accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Its designers say it’s […]

India’s entrepreneurs: slowly supplanting the Indian state

while Lord Ganesh removes obstacles, Indian entrepreneurs prefer to bypass them as much as For Gautam Adani, the power mogul, the answer was simple: the easiest and most profitable way to meet India’s rising demand for electricity is to avoid the obstacles, divisive political confrontations and practical inefficiencies of India. In the spirit of […]

Hypermarcas – Brands and Buying Sprees in Brazil

knowledge@wharton Hypermarcas, the São Paulo-based firm, Often referred to as the “Unilever of Brazil,” the has a market capitalization of R$31.5 billion (US$20 billion) as of March this year, net 2010 revenue of R$3.2 billion — up from around R$2 billion the previous year — and sizable market share in many parts of Brazil’s health, […]