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The Latin America Interview with Indian Ambassador R. Viswanathan

A broad ranging discussion I had with the Ambassador at his office in Buenos Aires last week.


India, Mexico, and Brazil Embrace “Design Thinking”

For sure India needs more design thinking in products and services; with many engineers running the show, good design, sadly, is  thought of an expense.Nussbaum: | Co.Design If you’re a business or an NGO with an operation in Asia or Latin America, where do you go when you want some serious local design thinking? You […]

Tata Motors may take Mexico road to North America In a move that will enable Tata Motors Ltd to establish a beachhead in North America and a few other emerging markets, India’s largest auto maker by revenue is in talks with Mexico-based Metalsa SA de CV for a contract manufacturing arrangement, two people familiar with the development said. If the talks lead to […]

Brazil soon to pass Mexico and Venezuela in oil output

In the exploration space, once again the power of incentives in action. Plus, Mexico is going down the latter side of Hubbert’s curve. Brazil is self-sufficient in fuel.  All this oil is a nice bonus, since currently, half of Brazilian cars run on flex-fuel ethanol technology and in 10 years, 75% of light vehicles will. […]

Congress may push India’s IT firms to Mexico with H-1B

ComputerWorld As Indian firms fight the threat of H-1B restrictions, IT services companies might not leave their fate to politics. In an effort to reduce their need for visas, they may look to increase their presence south of the border. Indian IT firms have boosted operations in Mexico in recent years to serve Latin American […]

With $2.6bn at stake in Mexico, India Inc swings into action

The Times of India Indian Inc has begun taking measures to counter any possible impact on employees and operations from the outbreak that is rapidly spreading across nations. Some 15 Indian companies–from IT to pharmaceuticals to auto components–have delivery centres or manufacturing facilities in Mexico. The prominent names being Infosys, Wipro, Birla Carbon Black, Dr […]

Why Go to Mexico?

Mexico as a nearshoring destination for manufacturing and IT companies.BusinessWeek COSTS The peso has dropped 41% vs. the dollar since August, making Mexican wages and rents more attractive compared with those in China, the U.S., or Canada.LOGISTICS Mexican goods can reach U.S. cities in two days, vs. a month from China—a big factor as importers […]

Mexico the new dental destination

Some cash rich Indian hospital chain needs to consolidate  these solo/duo dental practitioners South of the US border  – and speed up regulatory compliance and obtain insurance company blessing for these procedures, after the necessary rebranding. Apollo, Fortis, Wockhardt anybody?! A huge belt from Mexico to Central America and the Caribbean are ripe pickings. Indian […]

Where India meets Mexico

DNA – Entertainment – Tradition and modernity makes a beautiful blend in the 16 paintings by Delhi-based artist, Nitai Das who is currently exhibiting his collection at Jehangir Art Gallery. In his artworks, done with oils and acrylics, Nitai has combined Indian traditional and Mexican folk art with a few contemporary touches. So, while the […]

LatAm to reach 388 mln mobile lines by end-2008

Telecompaper Latin America will reach over 388 million mobile lines in service at the end of this year, accounting for 9.6 percent of the overall mobile lines in service worldwide, according to the Information Society index (ISI) established by consulting firm Everis. Brazil is expected to end the year with 143.2 million phones, Mexico with […]