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The Latin America Interview with Indian Ambassador R. Viswanathan

A broad ranging discussion I had with the Ambassador at his office in Buenos Aires last week.


Latin America, and Mercosur in particular, leading the global economic recovery

Latin America, especially Mercosur, is leading the global economic recovery. The forecasted growth in GDP for Mercosur countries in 2011 is 7.5%, and for Latin America in general it’s 5.8%. From MercoPress: “Things in Latinamerica have rolled much better than expected” in an international context which still faces some turbulences resulting from the prolonged slowdown […]

Latin America showing more resilience to the global economic crisis

China, Brazil to fuel global economic growth – International Business – Latin America and the East Asian Tigers are lifting the world economic tide, showing more resilience to the global economic crisis than the United States and many European nations. Such a growth path is a break from the past for Latin American and […]

India eyes strong trade ties with LatAm

FinancialExpress According to the commerce ministry officials, India is looking forward to sign an FTA with Peru as the first step of engagement. It is also eyeing similar trade agreements with some other Latin American countries. “Latin America is a key bloc for us. So far our trade has been restricted to Brazil and Argentina […]

Agriculture Takes Center Stage for Prominent Investors Jim Rogers and Michael Burry

| Wall St. Cheat Sheet Michael Burry, one of the stars of Michael Lewis’ The Big Short, labeled agriculture as one of his top trades. Burry is a noted value investor who earned strong returns as the Tech Bubble collapsed, and even more out-sized returns on his short bet against the housing market in the […]

Expanded cooperation between Mercosur and India

In an effort to further increase trade between Mercosur and India, representatives from both sides will soon meet to expand the number of products covered by the Agreement on Fixed Tariff Preferences (AFTP). From MercoPress: “Teams from both sides have been meeting and we pledged to develop a list of new products to be included […]

Latin America’s impressive little guys: Uruguay and Paraguay

beyondbrics | Talk about Latin America’s rising stars and the focus is often on Peru or Colombia. But don’t overlook the little countries: Paraguay and Uruguay are punching above their weight – and both have just been upgraded by rating agency Standard’s & Poor’s. That’s a tribute to their economic performance: Uruguay rode out […]

Latin America’s new promise…and why India should pay attention

Nobody’s backyard | The Economist look beyond the headlines, and, as our special report shows, something remarkable is happening in Latin America. In the five years to 2008 the region’s economies grew at an annual average rate of 5.5%, while inflation was in single digits. The financial crisis briefly interrupted this growth, but it was […]

The food crisis – climate change could reduce India’s food crop by as much as 30% in the next 25 years

Global Warming and Agriculture ( Welcome to the future. The combination of population growth, richer diets and the erosion of arable land means that there will be pressure on food supplies for decades to come.Wheat prices touched $300 a ton last month, almost double their price in April. Beef prices in the United States are […]

Frontier Investing – Asia and Latin America

TWO OF AMIT WADHWANEY’S passions are international stocks and ethnic restaurants. That he is an avowed value investor is no surprise, given that Third Avenue Management, his employer, was founded in the mid-1980s by famed bargain-hunter Marty Whitman. Wadhwaney’s duties include running the Third Avenue International Fund (TAVIX). Barron’s recently caught up by Wadhwaney by […]