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Chile learns how trust its military, 20 years after Pinochet

Chile has made great strides since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990. Under Pinochet there was extreme political repression, including at least 3,000 people who were “disappeared” and murdered because of their political opposition to the regime. In the last 20 years Chile has enjoyed rapid improvements in its economy and society, but […]


Rum and Revolution – Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba Drinkers the world round know the name Bacardi means rum, but few non-Cubans know that this global enterprise was founded — and is still owned — by a Cuban family that played an important role in the island’s social, political and economic history. Emilio Bacardi was a prominent activist in Cuba’s fight for independence […]

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

The University of Chicago Magazine: Features The Amazon of the Western imagination, they say, is a place hardly touched by history or humanity. For colonists and entrepreneurs of various centuries it was both useful and profitable to see the forests as wilderness and to overlook the people who lived or had lived in them. The […]

The Real Great Depression – Lessons from history As a historian who works on the 19th century, I have been reading my newspaper with a considerable sense of dread. While many commentators on the recent mortgage and banking crisis have drawn parallels to the Great Depression of 1929, that comparison is not particularly apt. Two years ago, I began research on the […]

Simon Bolivar’s Freedom Fight

Financial News – Yahoo! Finance In 1805, a 21-year-old South American nobleman, Simon Bolivar, traveled through Europe, drowning his sorrows over the death of his wife. Arriving in Milan with his former tutor, Simon Rodriguez, to see the coronation of Napoleon as king of Italy, Bolivar was repelled by the power-hungry man he had once […]

On the Trail Of Latin American Heroes On Saturday evenings, National Park Service ranger Mike Balis leads a walking tour along Virginia Avenue in Northwest to talk about men who were important figures in the liberation of much of South America from Spain. With Hispanic Heritage Month beginning Monday, the walk is a great way to learn about South America’s history.”It’s […]