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Brazilian wind power cheaper than natural gas

News from BusinessGreen The Brazilian authorities have this week confirmed that wind power in the country currently costs less than natural gas, after a series of energy auctions saw wind farm operators undercut other forms of energy generation. Seventy-eight wind power projects won contracts in last week’s energy auctions held by Brazil’s National Electric Power […]


Brazil’s Rousseff signs energy accords in Argentina

Brazil and Argentina will cooperate on the construction of two new hydroelectric dams and two nuclear reactors as part of expanded energy cooperation between the two countries. From Reuters: “We will continue to work to strengthen Mercosur and consolidate the customs union … and we will keep on fighting protectionism by rich countries and policies […]

India’s Suzlon Plans to Export Wind Turbines to Brazil from China

Los molinos de viento ganan popularidad en la India Suzlon Energy Ltd. plans to open a research-and-development center in China and to make the first large export of turbines from its Chinese factory, its chairman said. Chaiman Mr. Tanti, speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, an annual meeting of business leaders, politicians […]

Venezuela strays from its policy of nationalization

Venezuela has been particularly hard hit by the global recession over the last few years. Last year alone, the country experienced 27% inflation and a 2.9 percent decline in economic output. Times are tough enough, in fact, that famed “anti-capitalist and Marxist” Hugo Chávez has declared that, “Investment and experience from foreign oil firms is […]

Brazil’s Ascendency as an Oil Power

Over the next decade Brazil may become one of the largest oil producing nations in the world. In late 2007 a new and sizable oil field, dubbed the “Tupi” field, was discovered in the Santos Basin in deep water off the Brazilian coast, and it holds the promise of energy self-sufficiency for Brazil. As Dilma […]

Brazil soon to pass Mexico and Venezuela in oil output

In the exploration space, once again the power of incentives in action. Plus, Mexico is going down the latter side of Hubbert’s curve. Brazil is self-sufficient in fuel.  All this oil is a nice bonus, since currently, half of Brazilian cars run on flex-fuel ethanol technology and in 10 years, 75% of light vehicles will. […]

Wind man of India sets sights on Ontario | Business | [Tulsi] Tanti, often called the “wind man of India,” was in town yesterday to accept the annual Global Indian Award from the Canada India Foundation.Today, Pune-based Suzlon is the fifth-largest wind turbine supplier in the world with $3.34 billion in revenues in 2008 and 13,000 employees. The company currently sells products […]

Powering an Entire Country With Renewable Energy – focus on biomass

This Sietch blogger has done some calculations relevant for the US. Can be extended to other countries. What intrigued me was his reference to biomass – India and Latin America, are a veritable bounty for biomass with their extensive tree cover, not to mention livestock populations. The potential in India alone is something like 16,000 […]

Argentinean biodiesel will get a $900 million boost

GreenMomentum – Despite a drop in global prices for both crops and oil, the Argentinean biofuel industry projections remain optimistic for 2009 as multi-million dollar projects continue to move forward.Almost 900 million dollars are to be invested in the construction of new biodiesel plants by 2010, as well as in new sugar mill projects designed […]

India’s Surya Roshni to replace traditional bulbs with eco-friendly lamps

The Hindu Business Line : Surya Roshni Ltd has decided to reduce the production of traditional bulbs in a phased manner and replace it with more eco-friendly lamps due to increasing environmental concerns. “The European Union has drafted a plan to switch over to low-energy bulbs from high power consuming bulbs by 2011-12, so we […]