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The New Geopolitics of Food

By Lester R. Brown | Foreign Policy the largest food bubbles are in India and China. In India, where farmers have drilled some 20 million irrigation wells, water tables are falling and the wells are starting to go dry. The World Bank reports that 175 million Indians are being fed with grain produced by overpumping. […]


The Brazilian Economy is Humming Along

Despite the slow pace of the economic recovery in North America and Europe, Brazil has seen remarkable growth in the last few years. In 2010, Brazil created a record 2.52 million new jobs, well above the previous record of 1.61 million new jobs that was set in 2007. From MercoPress: Figures in Brazil show that 2.52 […]

Latin America, and Mercosur in particular, leading the global economic recovery

Latin America, especially Mercosur, is leading the global economic recovery. The forecasted growth in GDP for Mercosur countries in 2011 is 7.5%, and for Latin America in general it’s 5.8%. From MercoPress: “Things in Latinamerica have rolled much better than expected” in an international context which still faces some turbulences resulting from the prolonged slowdown […]

Brazilian and Indian economies on the rise

In 2011 Brazil is expected to surpass Italy to become the seventh largest economy in the world, and India is expected to move ahead of Spain. From MercoPress: The research unit of The Economist is predicting that Brazil, the eighth largest economy of the world in 2009, with a nominal GDP of 1.5 trillion, followed […]

Economic Prospects in Peru buoyed by agriculture and mining sectors

TheStreet For instance, Peru — South America’s fastest-growing large economy — has excellent economic prospects with reasonable valuation levels. Until last year, investors could only buy into Peru through companies like gold miner Compania de Minas BuenaventuraADR (BVN_), copper miner Southern Copper (SCCO_), or the financial Credicorp ADR (BAP_). But iShares MSCI All Peru Capped […]

India’s imports of milk, grain, beverages in April-July 2010 up 22% over 2009

1 Crore is 10 million. 1 USD – ~~ 44 Indian Rupees. You do the math. If you’re in the business of feeding India, you don’t know what “global recession” people are talking about.The Hindu Business Line Import of food grains jumped 3100 per cent to Rs 111.7 crore in April-July 2010 from just Rs […]

Latin America showing more resilience to the global economic crisis

China, Brazil to fuel global economic growth – International Business – Latin America and the East Asian Tigers are lifting the world economic tide, showing more resilience to the global economic crisis than the United States and many European nations. Such a growth path is a break from the past for Latin American and […]

Why Prices of Commodities – Oil, Metals, Food and Farmland will skyrocket over the next decade

as investors diversify into assets that cannot be “printed”. People like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber have been saying this for years, and Boston University econ Prof. Larry Kotlikoff says the U.S. is heading towards an Argentina 2001-like sovereign crisis. Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt “Situation” | zero hedge #1 The US Fed […]

Latin America’s impressive little guys: Uruguay and Paraguay

beyondbrics | Talk about Latin America’s rising stars and the focus is often on Peru or Colombia. But don’t overlook the little countries: Paraguay and Uruguay are punching above their weight – and both have just been upgraded by rating agency Standard’s & Poor’s. That’s a tribute to their economic performance: Uruguay rode out […]

Latin America’s new promise…and why India should pay attention

Nobody’s backyard | The Economist look beyond the headlines, and, as our special report shows, something remarkable is happening in Latin America. In the five years to 2008 the region’s economies grew at an annual average rate of 5.5%, while inflation was in single digits. The financial crisis briefly interrupted this growth, but it was […]