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Frontier Investing – Asia and Latin America

TWO OF AMIT WADHWANEY’S passions are international stocks and ethnic restaurants. That he is an avowed value investor is no surprise, given that Third Avenue Management, his employer, was founded in the mid-1980s by famed bargain-hunter Marty Whitman. Wadhwaney’s duties include running the Third Avenue International Fund (TAVIX). Barron’s recently caught up by Wadhwaney by […]


Bigger role seen for financial centres like Mumbai in India and Sao Paulo in Brazil

 Reuters With developed economies struggling and emerging markets thriving, more and more financial deals are being cut well away from the traditional centres. Rising trade between emerging economies, cross-border mergers, acquisitions by Indian and Chinese companies and moves by developing world businesses to raise capital in each other’s markets will spur growth of financial centres […]

Emerging market characteristics in nexus between US govt and Wall Street

Simon Johnson  documents how Wall Street lobbying to obtain favored status with US politicians, not only precipitated this financial crisis, but also is preventing an adequate resolution – policy decisions are being made to favor banks at the expense of taxpayers, thus setting the US up to follow in the footsteps of Russia and  Argentina.The […]

Avoiding a Financial Collapse, Indian-Style

One of the most outrageous example of lax U.S. lending practices was someone making $14,000 a year approved for a $720,000 mortgage with no down payment! “In India, we never had anything close to the subprime loan,” said Chandra Kochhar, the chief financial officer of India’s largest private bank, Icici. (A few days after I […]

Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis

All future visualizations of complex issues should emulate this example. With input by Jess Bachman of Death and Taxes fame.  As an aside, a compelling graphic of the spike in US home values driven by easy credit and their projected deflation with the popping of the credit bubble.via Mint Blog (20%) Technorati Tags: credit bubble, […]

MICROFINANCE: Six Pioneers in Latin America

Microcapital Microcapital has identified the following six microfinance “pioneers,” individuals who have made long-standing contributions to the evolution and promotion of microfinance practices and/or technology. While not all of these pioneers hail from Latin America, all have been instrumental to the development of microfinance in that region. These pioneers are: Álvaro Dávila of Colombia, Joseph […]

The End of Wall Street’s Boom

Long article worth a patient read by master-storyteller Michael Lewis of Liar’s Poker and Moneyball fame. It’s always the incentives, stupid! A lot of people, now, will nod their heads in agreement to Federico Garcia Lorca‘s words from 1929: ”Time for the cobras to hiss on the uppermost levels,/ for the nettle to jostle the […]

Collapsing Trade Finance and its Impact on Food Security; Urban Farming worth a look

Just-in-time supply chains are geared for efficiency not resiliency. With no slack built in, any  disruption in international shipping, due to collapsing trade finance, can leave store shelves empty of essentials, especially food. A scary thought. In times like these, the Cuban success with urban farming (forced upon the island by the end of the […]

Roadmap for the G20

RGE  President Bush has invited the heads of state of the Group of 20 (G20) nations for a summit on November 15 in an effort to continue responding in a coordinated way to the unfolding financial and economic crisis.  The G20group, which accounts for 90% of global GDP, includes 10 major emerging economies – including […]

Consumer Credit: An International Crisis

Seeking Alpha India is facing similar problems with its formerly debt-loving middle class. reports: [Indian] Bankers said the trend has intensified in recent months and the portfolio may have shrunk by about 10% this fiscal year so far. This is significant, as the industry has seen growth at an average 30% in each of […]