With movie ‘Endhiran,’ Machu Picchu-Peru welcomes India

by Dave

 India Real Time – WSJ

Another mountain range is making its debut as the backdrop for a song-and-dance sequence in an Indian movie—if it made the editor’s cut, that is: the Andes in Peru, and the ruins of the Inca city of Machu Picchu located high amid those mountains.

Strictly speaking, we’re talking Kollywood not Bollywood, even if the latter has become the catch-all term overseas for all movies coming out of India. “Endhiran” (Robot), in which Tamil megastar Rajnikanth plays a scientist and a robot and which opens Friday, flew its stars to Peru to film one of the music scenes.

Fernando Astete, director of the Machu Picchu Archaelogical Park, recalled the shoot approximately two years ago.
“We have seen some Indian movies here,” said Mr. Astete. “It was the quintessential music that we see in those movies, with the man falling in love and courting the woman. There were also some Brazilian elements all mixed in. It was something quite exotic.”

The anthropologist said it was quite unusual to get a film crew like this. “Normally we get films about the discovery of Machu Picchu, the Discovery Channel, what was Machu Picchu like, films by National Geographic, that kind of thing,” said Mr. Astete. “The idea was to promote Peru in the vast market of India,”  he said. Mr. Astete said the agency that markets tourism to Peru, Promperu, helped the film’s crew with the paperwork in order to be able to film there.

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