India brings technology to the Fair of Bogota in Colombia

by Dave

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As part of the inauguration of the International Fair of Bogota, Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, said that “Colombia has a clear horizon that makes you dream to prosperity.” The president said India’s participation in trade shows as a model of technological progress, economic and industry and said the approach opens up the  possible signing of an FTA with that country.

India is participating for the first time at the show and does so with 151 companies
, seeking to consolidate and expand trade relations with Colombia says 50 years ago.

And the president of the Export Promotion Council of India, Chadha Aman, said the Colombian market as one of the most stable in Latin America and is appreciated for products like oil, coal, wood and petrochemicals, among others.
Colombia’s ambassador in New Delhi, Juan Alfredo Pinto, said that India is clearly an engineer[ing] power, with production aimed at high technology and product development, with high domestic consumption of vehicles.
He said that 70 percent of taxis circulating in Bogotá was manufactured in India
He also said that Colombia has currently 26 Indian companies.

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