Agriculture Takes Center Stage for Prominent Investors Jim Rogers and Michael Burry

by Dave

| Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Michael Burry, one of the stars of Michael Lewis’ The Big Short, labeled agriculture as one of his top trades. Burry is a noted value investor who earned strong returns as the Tech Bubble collapsed, and even more out-sized returns on his short bet against the housing market in the time preceding the subprime collapse. Burry provided this insight into his latest trade:

“I believe that agriculture land — productive agricultural land with water on site — will be very valuable in the future….I’ve put a good amount of money into that.”

This weekend on his personal blog, Jim Rogers wrote a quick little note about how “Asia will drive agriculture commodities higher“:

There`s 3 billion people in Asia and most of them have not had a very good standard of living in the past 200 years. That is changing and changing very rapidly. They are going to eat more, they are going to wear more clothes.