India-Chilean Trade is Booming

by Dave

High value-added Indian items such as commercial vehicles (TELCO, MAHINDRA, motor vehicles (TATA MOTORS, MARUTI), two wheelers and bulk pharmaceuticals have entered the Chilean market in recent years. Other traditional Indian items imported by Chile include garments, textiles, carpets, and hand tools. India’s main imports from Chile include copper, fishmeal, newsprint, molybdenum, and almonds.

The above figures do not include India’s exports to the Free Trade Zone of Iquique (Zofri), which amounted to US$ 22.5 million in 2004, US$ 20.9 million in 2005, 19.1 million in 2006, 32.7 million in 2007, 36.5 in 2008 and US$ 18.2 million from Jan to Sep 2009. Six percent of the companies working in Zofri Zone are of Indian origin.