Shifting from Coffee, Colombia set to launch tablets with Android, Windows 7

by Dave

Two new tablets, one an Android avatar and the other a Windows 7, are due to be launched, not by an electronics company from South East Asia but from Colombia.

Engadget reported that two Bogota-based companies are due to launch two 10-inch tablets.

Compumax is targeting an Android-based tablet sporting a Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz Cotex A9 microprocessor with 32GB in internal memory and 512MB RAM.

Another company Smart PC is aiming at a Windows 7 based slate that runs on Atom N450 processor. The tablet will have 320GB hard drive and 2GB RAM. It will also have a DVD writer.

Both the companies claim that the tablets have been indigenously built in Colombia sourcing parts from other countries.

The Android tablet will be christened Hyper Android and will cost about $387 while the Windows tablet will be called Smart Touch and will cost $608. Both the machines are due to be released in Peru in October.