Colombia – The C in CIVETS:The Next Gateway To Growth

by Dave

After the exceptional economic growth and prosperity witnessed by emerging markets, like China, India and Brazil, the CIVETS, Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa are expected to be the growth leaders in the next decade.  

As a whole, the CIVETS have appeal due to their large, young and growing populations, diversified economies, decent financial systems and political stability, when compared to their counterparties.  Additionally, the Economist states that all six nations are relatively unhampered by high inflation, trade imbalances or sovereign debt woes. 

On an individual basis, Colombia is rich in natural resources, in particularly oil, coal and gold, all commodities that are likely to see increased demand in the near future.  Additionally, international investment has already started to make its way to the Latin American nation and consumer spending has started to elevate.  

After Brazil and Mexico, Colombia is the 3rd largest recipient of Indian FDI