Brazil’s Embraer proposes regional jets for India

by Dave

A growing appetite among Indian carriers to serve regional routes makes the country a potentially big market for 250 regional jets with a capacity of up to 120 seats, Brazil’s aircraft maker Embraer.

In India, around 250 low-to-medium-density routes remain unused, as they are not profitable to run with narrow-bodied aircraft. Plus, in the non-metros sector, 133 routes have less than one frequency a day, said Brazil-based Embraer.

‘This doesn’t provide adequate frequency to passengers. No wonder other forms of transport are used such as first-class rail with fares of air travel,’ said Alex Glock, Embraer’s managing director for Asia Pacific.

‘With the Indian economy growing and growing rather fast, air services to the so-called secondary cities need to be more frequent – there have to be comprehensive daily services,’ Glock told IANS in an interview.

At present, out of some 400 aircraft for scheduled commercial operations in India, 261 are narrow-bodied planes and only 20 are regional jets.

A regional jet is generally run on a range of short-to-medium-haul routes with a seating capacity for 100 passengers. Compared with these, narrow-bodied planes, such as the Boeing-737 and Airbus A-320 family, have around 160 seats.

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