Brazil’s growing international presence

by Craig Janis

The BBC recently had an optimistic profile of Brazil’s position on the world stage. The article argues that Brazil has been largely successful at putting its own house in order, and is increasingly seen as a strong force in the international arena as well.

Democracy and democratic institutions have been strengthened. At the same time, Brazil has enjoyed high levels of economic growth, the result of continuity in economic policy that saw inflation remain low and stable, the fiscal situation under control and a floating exchange rate.

Poverty has been significantly reduced, and 31 million Brazilians lifted into the middle class, which in turn has brought about a rapid expansion of the domestic consumer market.

Commercial liberalisation and the globalisation of Brazilian companies are indicative of how Brazil’s economy has modernised. Diversification in the industrial and service sectors has gone hand in hand with the growth of the agricultural sector, highly competitive and with a strong presence in international markets. Brazil today sees itself as a global trader.

Brazil’s nascent position of power in global politics is due in large part to its credibility on issues that affect the developing world, and its status as a leader with the BRIC countries.

Brazil’s voice cannot be ignored on issues of importance to the developed world, such as foreign trade, climate change, energy (biofuels and oil), food, water and human rights.

Then there is the emergence of the BRIC countries, as Brazil, Russia India and China are known, a grouping that has become one of the new players on the international scene in recent years.

Brazil’s traditional diplomatic involvement in multinational organisations has reinforced the image of the country as a builder of consensus, an “honest broker”.

International attention has also focused on Brazil’s ethnic and religious harmony and the role it plays as mediator in more troubled parts of South America.

The article ends on this positive note:

For these reasons, Brazil today, confident and assertive, is seeking to carve a role for itself outside South America as a regional power able to act well beyond its immediate borders…

What is clear is that Brazil’s voice is set to be heard ever louder on the world stage.

IndusLatin has long shared this optimistic view of Brazil and its potential as a world power.