Grobocopatel, Argentina’s Soy King praises Uruguay and its farming revolution

by Dave

Visit of Hardeep Singh, ex-CEO of Cargill, India to an Uruguay Soybean Plantation (above)

Uruguay Agribusiness Landscape

[Grobocopatel], whose group has revenues of over USD 800 million, [ed. Grobocopatel with the way his last name ends is an honorary Gujarati! His family origins are from Bessarabia(modern day Moldova)] said Uruguay has very positive conditions for business and investments. “There is political and institutional stability with clear reliable rules of the game. It has an excellent infrastructure, first class labour, good, young enterprising professionals who before were thinking of leaving the country but now have a future”.

“In these last seven years Uruguay has experienced foundational, revolutionary changes which maybe you don’t appreciate in all their magnitude because you live here, but those of us coming from overseas we can really see the great transformations”, added Argentina’s Soy King.

He also emphasized that the agriculture investments that have come to Uruguay are long term and “therefore are here to stay”.

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