Toyota reveals its emerging markets car

by Dave

Source: editorial team

Toyota has named and unveiled its new Etios emerging markets car at the 10th Auto Expo automobile show in New Delhi. It will build the Etios at a new plant in India and later, from around 2011, in Brazil.

In India it will target family users with a ‘one class above’ theme. It will be pricier than other local competition but local parts will be used as much as possible to keep costs low.

Etios chief engineer, Yoshinori Noritake, said at the show: “I visited many Indian cities and homes to learn the market and to hear from the consumer directly. Over four years, more than 2,000 engineers have been involved in the development.” Indian production begins late this year and the annual sales target is 70,000 units.

Toyota Motor vice chairman Kazuo Okamoto said: “Our tagline of ‘World First, India First’ represents our choice of India for the global premiere of the Etios concept, following which exports to other countries will be evaluated.

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