Physalia – A Positive Energy Amphibious Garden To Clean Waterways

by Dave

The Ganges could use this on its course.

Eco Factor: Renewable energy generating amphibious garden to clean waterways.

The UN estimates that rising at the current rate, population will soar to about 9.2 billion in 2050. However, even today more than one billion people don’t have access to potable water and more than three thousand people die every due to the lack of clean drinking water. Vincent Callebaut Architects have come up with a solution in the form of a floating garden that is 100% self-sufficient in terms of energy. Dubbed the Physalia, the amphibious garden is inspired by pneumatophorous called the “Physalia physalis”, which means “water bubble”. This aquatic system is a sum of nature and biotechnologies designed to navigate European rivers between Danube and Volga, between Rhine and Guadalquivir, or also between Euphrates and Tigris. The zero carbon emission architecture is designed to harvest renewable energy to make the prototype a positive energy one, where it can generate more energy that it consumes.

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