US Retirees Flock to Mexico for the Sun and the Health Care

by Dave

As I’ve said before, one of the big apportunities is for Indian hospital groups to do JVs with/buy out counterparts in Mexico, and Central America to cater to US retirees who either will choose to relocate to those regions full-time because of lower cost of living or will be traveling to those regions in increasing numbers for cheaper medical treatment.
PBS NewsHour

South of the [U.S.] border, tourist season is just beginning. Beach-loving Americans are headed to Mexico’s seaside towns, reaching for the sunscreen and soaking up the local color.

But this year’s annual migration has a twist. Thousands of Americans are coming to places like Puerto Vallarta, not to dip their toes in the warm Pacific, sip a margarita, or browse a crafts fair. No, they are coming for health care, in many cases, care they could never afford to acquire in the United States.

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