Agricultural alliance vows to grow more and emit less

by Dave


The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases was launched this week (16 December) at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen by 21 countries, led by Tim Grosser, New Zealand’s associate minister for climate change issues.

Agriculture accounts for 14 per cent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, on a par with the transport sector. Crop experts expect the world food demand to double by 2050 compared with 2005 and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture to rise by 30–40 per cent in that period.

Initial pledges totalling around US$150 million have been made by alliance members Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Uruguay and Vietnam are also part of the alliance, which hopes to attract more members.

The alliance is seeking international cooperation and investment to study agriculture’s role in climate change, including the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in fields.

Other aims include helping scientists gain expertise in, and technology for, mitigation and adaptation; facilitating information exchange among scientists globally; and improving access to and sharing of knowledge by farmers.

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