Citing Growth Opportunities, Evalueserve Announces Expansion of Chilean Operations

by Dave

 PR Newswire

Evalueserve, a [Indian] provider of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, recently decided to expand its existing operations in Chile, one of the company’s more profitable locations, to take advantage of the country’s business environment and meet current and anticipated customer demand as part of its global strategy.

Ten years ago, Indian companies investing in Latin America were few and far between. Within the past few years, however, Indian service providers began viewing Chile as a complementary location to their main operations. To strengthen its global offering, Evalueserve opened its Latin American operation in Chile in 2006. From Chile, the company is able to diversify geographical risk, offer U.S. daytime support, a 24×5 global delivery platform, Latin American services (Spanish and Portuguese) and overnight Asia coverage. This strategy allows Evalueserve to provide a high level of service to U.S. clients at considerably lower cost.

Evalueserve has already begun its five-year Chilean expansion. The operation currently employs 150 people and is expected to more than triple in size, expanding by fifty percent annually until it reaches approximately 500 employees by 2014.

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