Indian visa on arrival for tourists from selected nations

by Dave

Hope the Argentine and Brazilian foreign office reciprocate this gesture by at least expediting the issuance of business visas.

One of the biggest nuisances in India-Latam business is the issuance of business visas which take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks in India, as the case may be. I recently stayed up all night trying to get an Argentine business visa for somebody who wanted to travel on a few days notice – moving the application submitted from Delhi to Mumbai.

Just like Schengen visa, it would be nice that if there were a single Mercosur visa, followed ultimately by a single UNASUR visa. Seems like a distant pipe dream at this point.

The Indian embassy in Argentina
‘s cafe con visa instituted by H.E. Ambassador Viswanathan – issues applicants a business visa within minutes, is probably the speediest consular visa granting service in the world. Anyone who has ever complained about the slowness of Indian bureaucracy will have to eat their words upon seeing this operation in action. My special thanks to Mr. Batra, visa officer, for his always courteous and pleasant manner and exceeding expecations in customer service. I know a number of Argentines and Uruguayans who have expressed amazement at  such excellent responsiveness from a government office. If there is an award for world’s best consular officer, he will surely be in the running.
 The Times of India

Tourists from Singapore, Finland, New Zealand, Luxembourg and Japan will be given visa on arrival facility on a pilot basis for a period of one year, Sujit Banerjee, tourism secretary, said. The scheme will be applicable in airports as well as ports across the country.

The decision was taken after tourism ministry had sought introduction of the scheme for tourists coming from these countries which are potential source markets for India. Keeping in view present-day threat perception, the ministry has suggested that citizens from nine countries including Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Netherlands, Laos, Japan, Cambodia and South Africa be allowed to avail this facility.

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