Indian food prices soar while inflation dips to -1.55%

by Dave

Huh?! It seems every country’s official inflation statistics are suspect. The man on the street has a true sense of it while officials at government agencies are churning out computer-generated information divorced from reality.
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Year-on-year, the prices of cereals went up more than 12.2%, pulses 16.7%, and fruit and vegetables 10.5%. At the same time, the prices of milk have gone up nearly 4.8% over last year, while spices were more expensive, by about 6.2%.

Among manufactured food products, sugar, khandsari and gur went up about 34.3% while processed fish turned dearer by more than 42.7% over the last year.

During the week, fish marine was dearer by 10%, arhar and fruit and vegetables by two per cent each, and urad and moong rose by 1% each. Also butter and imported edible oil turned dearer by 1% each.

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