Urban Indians ‘eating out’ more

by Dave

Since Italian food is quite popular among young urban Indians, Argentina – with its large population descended from Italian immigrants and many of those in the food business, should be considered as source for packaged and frozen Italian foods. More potential to scale up and supply India’s needs for the next few decades.

The Food Franchising Report 2009 added that in India, 30% of working singles eat out at least once a month and a majority of them spend about Rs101-150 per meal.

The report said the trend towards home delivery is also fast gaining popularity. CIFTI-FICCI said that India is one of the few countries where fast food chain McDonald’s has introduced its home delivery service.

Regarding the fast-food segment, it said: “The core customers for fast food are in the age group of 25-35 years. Youngsters (18-20 years) taking up part-time jobs coupled with rising salaries also lead to higher discretionary spending on food.”
The study cited the KSA Technopak India Retail Report 2005, which has revealed that eating out accounts for 11% share of an average Indian’s income, second only to grocery at 41% and above personal care items, savings and entertainment.

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