Mr. Lula goes to Washington

by Dave

Lula is not only a political and diplomatic pro, but also a statesman. Amazingly, he comes off as more prepared than Obama with solid answers to reporter questions, with a sense of humor as well. Political leadership of this sort inspires business confidence in a country. Must watch link -
CSPAN Video- Pres. Obama & Brazilian President Lula’s press conference

What is brought up by a Brazilian reporter is the thorny trade issue of the US tariff on imported ethanol from Brazil. A policy that is not only bad economics, but bad morality – promoting corn-based ethanol in deference to the US domestic farm lobby that results in higher global food prices for corn-based foods.

Two other videos of Lula being interviewed that show his considerable skills no doubt honed from years as a union leader dealing with tough opponents. His incredible life story – going from a shoe-shine boy to Brazil’s president, is one that needs more press coverage outside Latin America.

Frost Over The World – President Lula – 08 Jun 07

Soundbite Central: President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
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