Where India meets Mexico

by Dave

DNA – Entertainment –

Tradition and modernity makes a beautiful blend in the 16 paintings by Delhi-based artist, Nitai Das who is currently exhibiting his collection at Jehangir Art Gallery.

In his artworks, done with oils and acrylics, Nitai has combined Indian traditional and Mexican folk art with a few contemporary touches. So, while the subjects of his plays are traditional gods and goddesses, the style with which he has executed them, according to the artist, has evolved over several years of research and practice.

Behind the harmonic strokes of the paintbrush on the canvas, there are angry words conveyed by the artist – a message against the aimless imbibing of Western influence into our traditional artworks. Das explains, “Folk art is probably one genre where we have little choice to copy from Western art. When young artists blindly copy from Western artists, it is a blow to our indigenous evolution of art.”

To complement thousand-year-old indigenous Indian art, Das has combined elements from Mexican folk art, a tradition that took birth in the cradle of a civilisation that is one of the oldest to have formed on the face of the earth. However, it was no mean task. It took years of research and experimentation that culminated in the current collection.

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