First Major Energy Study Shows That Wind Is The Cleanest Source

by Dave

Device Daily

[N]obody conducted an elaborated study to find out the best ways to fight against global warming, reduce pollution, and which are best renewable energies, therefore Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, decided to do something about this and he conducted the first major and scientific energy-related study.

He says that the best ways to accomplish our green goals are “blowing in the wind and rippling in the water, not growing on prairies or glowing inside nuclear power plants.” Also, he added that the so-called clean coal is “not clean at all.”

Here is Jacobson’s list of clean energies from best to worst:

1. Wind Power

2. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

3. Geothermal Power

4. Tidal Power

5. Solar Photovoltaics

6. Wave Power

7. Hydroelectric Power

The professor says that we should forget and go against nuclear, clean coal, corn ethanol, and cellulosic ethanol. According to Jacobson’s findings, cellulosic ethanol is worse than corn ethanol as it releases more air pollutants, it requires more land for crops, and it damages the wildlife.

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