EU-Andean Community trade talks fall apart

by Dave

.::. Latinamerican Press ::..

The European Commission announced on Nov. 11 that talks for a trade pact between the EU and the Andean Community were officially over.

E.U. External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Walder said that last-ditch efforts to forge a region-to-region agreement had failed, and that it was moving ahead with separate agreements with Colombia and Peru.

Since negotiations for the trade pact began in June 2007, Andean Community members Bolivia and Ecuador – both staunch opponents of free trade agreements – had opposed the pace and scope of the future pact, vying instead for individual stipulations to protect their smaller and developing markets compared with Peru and Colombia.

Peru and Colombia, both of which have signed free trade agreements with the United States and are in the process of pursuing other agreements with several countries, especially in Asia, pushed for a speedy conclusion to the talks, with our without their fellow Andean Community members.

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