Trade with Latin America: Comparison of US, China and India

by Dave

India’s trade with Latin America was $11 billion last year. So, a long way to go. For historical context, China’s trade with LatAm was about $13 billion in 2000.

Indian companies’ success in the United States – especially in IT software and services, pharmaceuticals, engineering products puts them in a good position to gain a foothold in similar sectors in Latin America. Success case studies from the U.S. need to be played up during sales efforts in Latin America. And of course, the cultural fit with India and Latin America is quite good.

Also, Indian companies strength in the services sector is worthy of emulation by many LatAm countries, with small populations, who cannot be globally competitive in manufacturing.

The Associated Press:

China’s trade with Latin America was $102 billion last year, but already in the first nine months of this year it reached $111 billion, Chile’s ambassador to Beijing, Fernando Reyes, told The Associated Press. That compares with U.S.-Latin American trade of $560 billion last year.

“The United States maintains deep cultural and economic ties in Latin America ,” said Washington-based Nicholas Consonery of the Eurasia Group.

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