California leads fight against climate change on global level

by Dave

This is like saying ‘Artillery crew leads fight against gunshot wounds’.
California leading the fight is a little rich since it consumes more fuel than India
largely because of its auto-centric transportation system.
Instead of California leading the charge, maybe India should given its favorable position on emissions per capita and energy intensity per capita (See graph above).

In the long line of many others preaching the global warming gospel, but not practicing it.

Los Angeles Times

California formally moved to spread its can-do global warming gospel around the world, signing a declaration Wednesday with 11 other U.S. states and provinces or states in five other countries to help them slash their greenhouse gas emissions.

[S]uccess is far from assured as industrial nations, which have caused much of the world’s global warming, battle with fast-growing developing nations such as China to determine who should cut emissions.

Regional leaders signing Wednesday’s declaration said they would develop strategies for high-polluting industries in an effort to influence the talks. The signers included 12 U.S. governors and state or provincial representatives from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and India.

China, India, Brazil and other fast-developing nations have resisted caps on their emissions.

“The industrial countries that have been spewing out the most greenhouse gases have a higher responsibility to act,” said Gov. Ana Julia de Vasconcelos Carpa of the Brazilian state of Para.

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