Foreign air cargo players upbeat about Indian industry, to add capacity

by Dave

The Economic Times

Indian air cargo industry does not seem to suffer from the kind of tumultuous upheaval that air passenger industry is subjected to now-a-days. In
fact, air cargo movement in the country is going to gather further momentum with international airlines planning to increase their capacities into Indian market.

Carriers from the Middle East like Emirates are expanding to India and are also offering onward connections from the Gulf. Egypt Air, British Airways and some carriers from China are also expected to increase their connections to India.

Thanks to these capacity augmentation programme of airlines, industry sources expect, cargo movement will gain momentum with increased capacity to support export of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, garments, chemicals, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. to Middle East, Africa, Europe and America.

Emirates has recently announced a second round of expansion for India

From Bangalore, its cargo capacity will increase to 302 tonnes per week. The increase is expected to provide significant thrust to goods movement from the garden city which exports electronic hardware, engineering goods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, fruits, vegetables, and readymade garments to the Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America.

Chennai is also set to receive enhanced capacity to accommodate its large cargo export base of textiles and garments, electrical and electronic goods, machinery and spares, leather and leather products, pharmaceuticals, perishables, valuables and mobile phones.

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