European Scientists: ‘Let’s Set Up A Global Solar Energy Grid’

by Dave

Makes sense for the Indian, Brazilian and Mexican scientists to get behind this.
Triple Pundit

The ground tone at the recent European Science Foundation conference about Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy was overly clear about it; Europe is ready to accelerate development of nano technologies. The conference focused on solar rather than other sustainable energy sources such as wind, because that is where nanotechnology is most applicable and also because solar energy conversion holds the greatest promise as a long-term replacement of fossil fuels.

Solar energy can be harvested directly to generate electricity or to yield fuels such as hydrogen for use in engines.
Such fuels can also in turn be used indirectly to generate electricity in conventional power stations. “The potential of solar power is much, much larger in absolute numbers than that of wind,” according to Professor Bengt Kasemo, who chaired the conference and who is attached to the Chalmers University of Technology.

If solar energy is harvested where it is most abundant, and distributed on a global net (easy to say – and a hard but not impossible task to do) it will be enough to replace a large fraction of today’s fossil-based electricity generation,” said Kasemo. “It also would solve the day/night problem and therefore reduce storage needs because the sun always shines somewhere.”

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