Boutique Wineries, Elite Wine Travels the World

by Dave

Event Planner Spain

Small plots of land and a careful grape selection are the first steps that should be taken to produce “boutique wines”, a market in which Latin-American producers have surged ahead of the field in the past years. Even though is not an original idea from the New World, but French, since it emerged two decades ago with the “vin de garage” phenomenon, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and a good number of other South American countries have penetrated the luxury product market up exporting their best wines to restaurants, wine merchants and the most exclusive hotels in cities worldwide.

Patience, dedication and passion are the attributes needed to create these wines, which are defined by their excellent quality and originality. The production process of these very personal wines starts with small vineyards, which are not expected to have a high yield – quite the contrary in fact – and finding the best grapes for the type of wine in question, which is always unique with its own personality standing out from the rest and difficult to produce, which adds to its exceptionality.

In short, these wines of superb quality, produced on a very small scale, are a great success abroad. Only in Chile, the wine boutique boom has given rise to more than 200 brands, while Argentine boutiques like Altos Las Hormigas, Renacer Winery and Vineyards Altocedro export between 50-90% of their production to countries as disparate as United States, Belgium, Brazil and South Africa, among others.

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