Agenda set for Afro-Andeans

by Dave

Latinamerican Press

Afro-descendants of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru — member countries of the Andean Community, or CAN, bloc — met in late September to agree on steps to increase their political representation and participation in their home countries.

Andean organizations that compose the Andean Region Afro Civil Society umbrella group met in Cartagena, Colombia Sept. 18-19 to debate their “Plan of Action” for Afro-descendants of the region, a set of goals that includes the recognition and protection of individual and collective rights for this highly marginalized group, as well as improved education and inclusion in national and regional census.

With 26 percent of its 47 million inhabitants, Colombia has the largest Afro-descendant population in the Andes, according to the CAN. Ecuador follows with 10 percent, Peru with 7 percent.