Procter & Gamble’s global growth

by Dave

The Associated Press:

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble Co., the world’s largest consumer products company, is increasingly looking to emerging markets for growth:

_ Total annual sales: $83.5 billion.

_ Percent of annual sales growth from emerging markets: about 50 percent.

_ Percentage of total sales coming from emerging markets: 30 percent.

_ That figure in 2001: 20 percent.

_ CEO’s Take: A.G. Lafley explained to analysts in August the potential the company sees: “We are, frankly, still underdeveloped in these countries … In Mexico, P&G generates sales of approximately $20 per person, per year. In Brazil, that number is less than $10; in China, less than $5, and in India, still less than $1.”

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