iSoft India gives shape to world’s largest health project

by Dave

The Economic Times

Healthcare software provider iSoft on Thursday said that its Indian R&D team is developing a solution what it described as the world’s largest civilian IT healthcare project.

The Lorenzo software application, which will link nearly two-thirds of the hospitals in the United Kingdom, will also be launched in Europe, Australia and Germany in November, iSoft executive chairman & CEO Gary Cohen said at the opening of the company’s global product development centre here.

iSoft was acquired by Australia’s IBA Health Group in 2007. Hospitals will also be connected to general practitioners, allowing patients in the UK to get themselves treated at any clinic in the country without the need for re-entering data. The solution can be extended to any part of the world, managing director S Govind said.

“The entire solution, which is for linking up all the hospitals as well operations with the hospitals is being developed and rolled out from the India development centre,” he observed.

The company is also installing solutions for the Medicity group in Gurgaon and is targetting adding 100 hospitals to its list of clients next year.

iSoft, which has 1,800 employees at its Bangalore and Chennai facilities, will hire 200 more by next year. It has grown by 50% in the last 12 months. About four-fifths of iSoft’s $500-million revenue in 2007-08 came from Europe, while Asia, Australia and New Zealand accounted for the rest.

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