Lorena Rojas: ‘I’d love to do a Bollywood film’

by Dave

India Buzz-Entertainment-The Times of India

I have tried a bit of Indian food and it’s not very different from Mexican food. I love the food here,” she giggles. “I’m obsessive about exercising, because I think about eating food all the time! So before coming to India, I exercised a lot so that I could be a glutton here. I’m a big foodie.”

This is Lorena’s first visit to India, but, she says, she plans to “see all the places India is famous for, eat the food and yes, watch some movies.” That’s because she hasn’t seen any so far. “There, in Mexico or Miami, not a lot of Bollywood or Indian entertainment stuff is available. The same happens with Mexican stars. A lot of people in India, I’m sure, don’t know the most famous Mexican superstars,” she explains.

It was the “magic of TV” that made Lorena want to be an actress. “Since I was little, I’d sit in front of the TV and imitate the actresses. In Mexico, TV is more popular than the movies. I’ve done some movies too, but I enjoy TV. The world of movies is very different.”

Would she like to do a Bollywood film? “Sure! I’d love to work in a Bollywood movie, but the script has to be really strong. And I don’t mind singing and dancing here, because I’ve done all that in Mexico,” she says brightly.