Santiago, Buenos Aires and Montevideo – The three capital cities of Southern Cone

by Dave


It’s called the Southern Cone area southernmost of the American continent as a large peninsula that defines the southern continent of South America.

It is composed entirely by Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Southern Cone is strict about 60 million and, since the 1950′s, a low birth rate, which is common in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Besides the capitals of these countries Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago de Chile are practically in a geographical parallel. The southern and southeastern Brazil, both frequently included, have about 120 million.

The ethnography of the region varies depending on the same sector, but we can say that in general, the population of European origin, unlike the rest of Latin America, has influenced and influences genetically quite majority in the three Pias, primarily in Argentina (95%) and Uruguay (96%).

Quality of Life

The probably more significant characteristic that distinguishes the Southern Cone is the high average standards and quality of life in relation to other Latin American countries except Canada and the United States.

The high life expectancy, health and access to education (HDI high in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and southern states of Brazil), the significant and increasing participation in the global economy (Brazil) and the profile of emerging economies area countries, makes the territories covered by Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay macro-region of the americas prosperous.

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