Uruguay record year for farm production and export

by Dave


Farm production in Uruguay will consolidate its sixth year running of expansion, 66.5% since 2002, and farm exports are forecasted to reach 4.2 billion US dollars, a 51% increase over last year, according to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture Programming and Policies Office, OPYPA.

The report points out that farm exports will increase in all sectors, which is basically understandable because of the jump in international prices, “which are evolving much faster than volumes exported”.

Of the fourteen farm items considered, ten register export increases
with beef sales leading and representing 37% of agro exports equivalent
to 1.57 billion US dollars. In US dollars the increase is 78%. OPYPA
also estimates that rice exports will jump 78%, oilseeds and related
products 75%, diary produce 40% and wood and pulp exports 21%.