Soyabean production regains momentum

by Dave

The Hindu Business Line :

Revival of monsoon in recent days has brightened the prospects of soyabean output in the kharif season. Soyabean sowing has regained momentum in the last few days and the acreage under cultivation has increased 18.38 per cent to 6.50 million hectares from 5.49 million hectares logged last year, according to Union Agriculture Ministry data.

Though the area sown is higher than last year, production might fall due to below-normal rainfall in a few States, especially Maharashtra. However, the progress of monsoon in August will give a clear picture on the output.

Madhya Pradesh accounts for about 53 per cent of total soyabean grown in India, followed by Maharashtra at 34 per cent, Rajasthan 9 per cent, Karnataka 2 per cent, and Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh at 1 per cent each.

Apart from India, the other major producers include US, Brazil, Argentina and China. The five countries account for 95 per cent of the global soyabean production. Despite acreage under soya cultivation growing rapidly in India and China, they remain the largest importers of soya seeds and soya oil — their major source is Argentina and Brazil.

Almost the total soyabean production in India is crushed for meeting the soya meal demand, while 60 per cent of soya oil requirement is fulfilled through imports.