Cars vs. Bus vs. Bikes

by Dave

Something for the urban planners, if they find a voice in decision making, in megacities like Mumbai and Sao Paulo to keep in mind.
Core77 / design magazine

A poster in the city of Meunster’s Planning Office shows the amount of space taken up by cars, a bus, and bicycles used to transport the same number of people.

The accompanying numbers
* Bicycle: 72 people are transported on 72 bikes, which requires 90 square meters.
* Car: Based on an average occupancy of 1.2 people per car, 60 cars are
needed to transport 72 people, which takes 1,000 square meters.

* Bus: 72 people can be transported on 1 bus, which only requires
30 square meters of space and no permanent parking space, since it can
be parked