California fuel consumption exceeds that of India

by Dave

Fuel Consumption my country

Fuel Consumption by country

A little dated but compelling visualization that brings to life the fact that California uses more fuel than India. For the US as a whole it is 136 billion gallons. Given that the population of California is about 35 million, and India’s 1.1 billion – 1 Californian’s fuel consumption exceeds that of 30 Indians! Sadly, the outskirts of India’s major cities are adopting a California-sprawl model of development.

California alone uses more gasoline than any country in the world (except the US as a whole, of course). That means California’s 20 billion gallon gasoline and diesel habit is greater than China’s! (Or Russia’s. Or India’s. Or Brazil’s. Or Germany’s.)  That’s according to the California Energy Commission’s State Alternative Fuels Plan, which was posted online last Christmas Eve (pdf). The whole report makes for some fascinating reading because it’s a blueprint for a low-carbon and renewable transportation fuel future.