Year one of AO – After Oil

by Dave

The sooner policy makers in India and Latin America begin a “let’s put a man on the moon” effort to massively upgrade urban transit and inter-city rail for their citizens the better.

The Kansas City Post:
I think history will mark history will mark 2008 as year one of AO – After Oil. We are entering a new era that will impact our lives and our cities in ways just as profound as the automobile era did starting in the 20th century. As your grief counselor, let me just advise you that it’d be best for us all to quickly proceed through the 5 stages of grief, so that we can get on to more productive lives. Which stage are you in?

Denial – “This isn’t really happening, it’s only a temporary blip”
Anger – “It’s the greedy oil companies, Arabs, politicians (insert favorite enemy here)”
Bargaining – “If we just all buy hybrid cars we’ll be fine!”
Depression – “The economy is collapsing, our society is doomed!”

Instead, we all should move on to Acceptance – the era of cheap oil is over