Why Brazilians Should Demand the Renationalization of Petrobras

by Dave

Bold proposals. In India, future inflation can be tempered by redirecting investment into strengthening the extensive rail network – and diverting freight to rail from roads. Moving freight primarily by truck is folly in this era of expensive oil.

One of the central benefits obtained through the nationalization of the oil companies will be the immediate redirection of all accumulated profits towards finding renewable sources of energy to replace oil, the construction of an affordable cross country mass transit system, a high-speed rail network, investment in nuclear energy, investing in high-speed broadband infrastructure, and also investing in some other key strategic infrastructures.

This would lay an infrastructure of transportation for the 21st century that would eventually replace our outmoded highly inefficient highway system that is geared more towards a resource-abundant past and not a resource-constrained future.

I would suggest that the Brazilian government invest at least $ 300 billion dollars in four major areas in Brazil as follows:

1) Nuclear power plants – US$ 180 billion

2) Strategic infrastructure – US$ 50 billion

3) High-speed broadband infrastructure – US$ 30 billion

4) High-speed rail networks – Bullet Trains – US$ 40 billion