India could be net importer by 2020

by Dave

Impromptu bazaar, Delhi

Image by nimboo via Flickr

India’s food security is under threat and it could become a net importer by 2020 if the country doesn’t fix stubbornly stagnant production trends, says a new study.

A monograph by agricultural economist H.S. Shergill —Economics of Food Self-Sufficiency—says India’s average per capita availability of cereals declined by 11% to 390.0g in 2005-06 from 442.5g in 1996-97. The study says foodgrain production in India has failed to match the rise in population as well as income rates.
It says that beginning 1996-97, while the Indian population grew by 17%, and per capita real income grew by 55%, cereal production rose by only 10.18%. The mismatch between increase in cereal production and population growth explains the decline in per capita availability of foodgrains.