Investors look for emerging markets beyond BRIC

by Dave

via The Economic Times
Analysts say the answer lies in the unique opportunity the new markets are offering. These markets are expected to grow like BRIC did in the new millennium as they enter an era of fast-track reforms. Maneesh Kumar, head, wealth management solutions at ASK Wealth Advisors, identifies Colombia as an interesting market to explore. “It is rich in resources and manpower. And now with the country stabilising politically, it can prove to be a dark horse in the world markets,” he says.

Kumar should know. In 2008, Colombia’s stock exchange has been the best performing one amongst the world capital markets, delivering more than 27% returns. In fact, according to Thomson Reuters, India’s capital market is one of the worst performing ones globally during 2008. It stands 53rd amongst world exchanges in 2008 (-36.12%).  Brazil is still going strong. The country’s exchange has returned more than 15% returns during 2008, and occupies the second position.

Kumar says Chile in Latin America is another country to watch out for. “It has continued to stand out as a progressive economy within the continent,” he says.