Peru, Chile fight over potato’s origin

by Dave

One cannot imagine Indian cuisine without aloo (potato in Hindi) chholey, aloo mutter, aloo bonda, aloo chaat. Hard to believe that all this came about in the recent ~450 years(sometime after Pizarro showed up in Peru in 1532) of India’s more than 7000 year history.

The origin of the potato has become, well, a “hot potato” between neighbors Peru and Chile.

The spud dispute began Monday, when Chilean Agriculture Minister Marigen Hornkohl said 99% of the world’s potatoes derive from spuds native to Chile.

Peru, where the potato is a source of national pride, bristled at the claim and said the comes from a part of the Andes near Lake Titicaca, most of which is located in modern-day Peru. The country claims to have some 3,000 varieties of potato.

The spud dispute is just the latest flare-up between the testy neighbors.