Indian soya company

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Ruchi Soya Industries

If you’ve ever eaten soya curry, chances are that you are a Ruchi Soya consumer. With its premium brand Nutrela, Ruchi Gold and Mandap, the company is into the manufacturing of soya foods, edible oils, vanaspati, bakery fats and soaps.

With 17 per cent of its turnover coming from exports, it is India’s largest exporter of soya meal, with markets in Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and the Gulf.

Ruchi has been a consistent performer and has seen net profits growing at over 50 per cent over the last six quarters. It is the third-largest company in the vegetable oil business by market capitalisation and is the most attractively priced among its peers.

KS Oil is available at 21 times earnings and Agro Tech Foods at 16.27 times earnings.