What crisis? Buenos Aires is a world leader by design

by Dave

I concur. Buenos Aires is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world. I’m staying in Palermo Soho – and center for the latest fashion and design. I’m especially impressed with some of the model apartments I have seen being built by Grupo Townhouse. I wish developers like Sobha and Prestige in Bangalore could use their design services. The high-end apartments I’ve seen in Bangalore($500K and above) have been unremarkable in their design.

via The Independent
Argentine design is more engaging than ever. The period of need, introspection and experimentation that followed the currency crisis was to trigger a phenomenal creative impulse in the capital, and an army of restless designers began to manipulate the materials available to them in new and exciting ways.

Not missing a trick, in 2002 the state inaugurated the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Centre of Design, answering a huge demand for commercial grounding among budding designers. The city’s two big commercial design fairs (Feria Puro Diseño and Buenos Aires Fashion Week) got off the ground, looking to unite, and sell, the best creative talents – and a torrent of smaller showcases, seminars and festivals design-washed the calendar. In 2005, Unesco declared Buenos Aires its first “City of Design” and “one of the most viable and productive design industries in the South American continent”.